Saturday, June 19, 2010

He is not Brendon Boyd Urie

It's five o'clock in the morning and still tak tidur.still jet lag.urm,see the picture above?okay,i make this entry not because i like him or he's hot or whatever.I met this guy when i was in Galway.He was one of the street singer dekat situ.the moment i heard his voice i was like,"Omo,Brendon Urie!".Sadly,dia bukan Badrul(nama malay Bdon) saya.Suara dia very loud.i mean VERY VERY LOUD and the way dia menyanyi and lagu dia sama macam Brendon Boyd Urie.I was amazed by his voice.Ini buat rindu si Badrul ni because i used to crazy bout him two years or one year ago but now dah over him.

p.s:Suddenly nama malay for Justin Bieber muncul dalam kepala and saya namakan dia as Jusmail Baba:P

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