Friday, June 25, 2010

Kill this boredom

Honestly,i've got nothing specific to write here.I'm just bored.Not in the mood nak baca Vampire Academy:Spirit Bound tonight.Urmm,I miss London and Ireland but not Paris.I really really hate Paris.Why?When korang datang Paris baru korang tahu macam mana Paris tu.Even the first day in Paris i was like "Nak balik T__T".Urmm,i miss every single thing and every single person i met there.Oh,forgot to mention,when i was in Paris in subway,i met this guy and dia punya muka macam Nick Jonas.With his curly hair and long face.Similar betul ^___^
One more,subway in Paris memang very kotor and memang saya tak boleh lansung touch the pole.i don't know.macam automatic betul.I know everyone macam pelik je tengok saya pegang my sister or brother instead of holding the pole.Adala one time ni,perempuan ni noticed yang i kept sapu sapu my hands and of course la i acted like macam geli geli kan?Seriously,i was cursing myself for not bringing my hand sanitizer, and paling sakit hati perempuan tu kan noticed me acted like that and she suddenly keluarkan sanitizer from her bag and pakai in front of me.Kurang ajar betul=.=

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